Always 100% local, raw and organic wood. Other "recycled" mulch is made from wood that comes from recycling plants which includes plywood, pressure treated woods, old pallets etc. it also means it has glues and chemicals all through it. EliteMulch is a premium grade mulch that only consists of local wood from the tree jobs that we have done in your neighborhoods.  
The colorant that we use is mineral and water base material, which over time will naturally break down and enrich your soil. Mulch is a natural great way to save water in this drought and is good for both soil and plants. Our mulch is rich in color and consistent in texture and always only local and organic raw wood from the trees that have been cared for in your neighborhoods! 

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Retail Pricing:

Volume discounts are available for 100+ yards. Pricing is per cubic yard without delivery or sales tax of 9%


Premium Organic Colored Small Mulch $52.00

Light brown large mulch $36

Natural Mulch $30.00


Contractors, please contact us directly


note: Please let us know if there is a color that you are looking for and we will see what we can do!

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