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There is no job too big or too small, we serve residential and commercial and with every job we strive for excellence. Below is just a brief description of the different services we offer: 

pruning is necessary for healthy tree growth and shape.  There are several pruning approaches; when we meet for the estimate we'll take a look at which one will be best for you. 

  • shape tree growth and maintain "architecture"

  • remove structural defects

  • crown thinning for new growth

  • maintain sound trunk and branch structure

  • wind and storm damage prevention

  • end weight reduction (removal of excess weight at tips to prevent limb failure) 

Structural Pruning

removal of dead and diseased wood, removal of problematic crossing limbs, removal of cracked and broken limbs, removal of old pruning stubs, and removal of poorly attached limbs to have its own space to grow into (more so for younger trees to ensure a solid frame) 

Crown Cleaning 

removal of congested interior, previous stubs and deadwood. Sprout thinning along scaffold limbs 

Height Reduction 

at times the height of a tree needs to be controlled (i.e. growing under power lines, obstructing a view, etc) we do this by reducing the height down to lateral branches that are at least 4% the diameter of the parent limb they are growing off of. This allows the lateral branch to resume the role of the leader. But cutting back to the correct size lateral branch, "sprouting" is minimized from the cut. Many trees can be reduced in height and still retain a very natural look/shape.  

Aesthetic Pruning 
Tree Removal 

whether your tree has died, outgrown its space, become hazardous, or is damaging the surrounding infrastructure we can safely remove the tree when the time comes.  We take extra to avoid damaging any of your other plants ans landscape. 

Palm Trees 

are a very unique tree and left uncared for can be unsightly, hazardous and rodent infested. A properly cared for palm tree can be a beautiful native tree adding value and beauty to your home and yard. Some of the trimming recommened is:

  • removing dead and low hanging fronds

  • shaping palm fronds

  • trunk cleaning or shaping 

Stump Removal 

there are many reasons a stump should be removed, they are unsightly, hazardous, and over time as they decay they may attract termites and other unwanted pests to your yard and home. 

ISA Arborist

Reports: there are various reasons for arborist reports, two of the most common that most cities and county require are for removal or doing any kind of construction around protected "heritage" trees .  The fee for this service depends on the project, but is a minimum of $175.00.

NEW! Seasonal Care

As our seasons are ever changing so is the care of your trees. We have recently added our seasonal care page to help guide you through the changing weather. 

smaller ornamental types of trees are usually pruned more for aesthetic purposes.  This type of pruning is used for highlighting the tree structure through thoughtful thinning and shaping. Also, some trees benefit from the removal of old flower pods for stronger, more vibrant flowering the following season. 

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