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Tree Removal Permits

This page is meant to be a resource. The information concerning each cities tree protection ordinance is current as of April 2017. If there is any question or concerns regarding your particular tree please contact your city’s planning department directly. This page is for informational purposes only. Elite Tree Service is not responsible for any misunderstanding arising from this information.

Protected Trees : Coast live oaks 4″ in diameter @ 54″ above grade. All trees (with the exception of Eucalyptus and Monterey pine) that are 9″ in diameter. Eucalyptus & Monterey pine are not protected. Click           for more information from the City of Oakland website.

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Any single stemmed Coast Live Oak tree with a circumference of 18″ or more (5.5″ in diameter), and any multi-stemmed Coast Live Oak tree with an aggregate circumference of 26 inches or more at a distance of 4 feet up from the ground within the City of Berkeley.  These trees may not be removed unless the tree is is a potential danger to life or limb due to the condition of the tree that the only reasonable mitigation would be removal of the tree.    In addition any pruning of a Coast Live Oak that is excessive and injurious to the tree is prohibited. Excessive and injurious pruning is defined as the removal of more than one-fourth of the functioning leaf, stem or-root system of a tree in any 24 month period.  Click           for more information from the City of Berekely website.

Urban Forestry Office at                               or send an e-mail 



Protected Trees:
• All coast live oaks with a 10” or greater diameter measured 4.5’ above ground.
• All Mexican fan palms and California fan palms in the public rights of way on both sides of Burbank Street, Portola Avenue, and Eighth Street between Central and Portola Avenues.
• All sycamores (London plane trees) in the public rights of way on both sides of Central Avenue between Fernside Boulevard and 5th Street.

Click           for more information from the City of Alameda website. 

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Contact the Planning Department for information on Protected Trees and City requirements prior to removal of any tree to determine the protected status of the tree. Office number 

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Lafayette's tree ordinance and  tree removal permit information can be found 

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Walnut Creek 

Protected Trees: All trees with a trunk circumference of 28″ or more (9″ DBH) measured at 54″, or an aggregate circumference of a multi stemmed tree of over 40″. Click           for more information from the City of Walnut Creek website.

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